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Network Security

DMSS is specialized in developing and implementing a dynamic and rapid network security policy that is focussed on negating threats against information security. We have a specified mechanism that uncovers the hidden vulnerabilities and imminent attacks and enlightens the users, work staff, and managers of companies and businesses on the ways of safeguarding technology and IT assets.
Backed by security experience, we enable our clients gain a higher level of data security, backup, business continuity and disaster recovery that cannot be realized on their own.


Essentially, our Network Team takes care of internal and external compliance mandates. Also, we handle the overall security infrastructure in the post implementation of the security plan.

Our responsibility lies in enabling clients achieve their business goals through:

  • Protecting the privacy of users to a greater degree.
  • Inhibiting unsolicited access to confidential information.
  • Safeguarding the data preserved on computer systems.
  • Shielding computer systems against unlawful uses.
  • Promoting awareness among the staff on security issues.
  • Enforcing the recommended security standards and procedures.
  • Responding to attacks, security threats, and violations.
  • Managing the complete security infrastructure

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